We want one badly.

The BMW M5 is an insanely brilliant machine, but when BMW decided to turn things up to 11 with the first-ever M5 CS, the “regular” super sedan became a bit “last week”. And who can blame us for feeling that way? The special new model is clad in carbon fiber and features some of the sexiest seats ever fitted to a production four-door. These upgrades make it feel like a true racecar, but although this is the quickest production Bimmer ever made, some of us want more. Not more power, not more carbon – we want more car. BMW M5 CS Touring, anyone?

The idea of a BMW M5 wagon is not an alien one, and BMW used to offer such a thing when high-revving N/A engines were still in vogue. Considering that BMW is making a production wagon version of the M3 for the first time, it’s not impossible to imagine that the Munich-based madmen could do the same for the M5 again. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any indication that this could happen anytime soon, but luckily for us, X-Tomi Design has put digital pen to digital paper to show us how an M5 CS Touring could look, and we’re in love.

Driver SeatBMW

Gearshift PaddlesBMW

Sadly, the artist behind this render hasn’t shown us what his or her plans for the rear of the car would be. This is a bit disappointing since there is a wagon version of the regular 5 Series in some markets, so grafting the M5’s quad pipes and diffuser onto that car shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Nevertheless, a wagon with four seats and enough power to send you to the moon is an exciting proposition. But until BMW decides to invest in a true rival to the Audi RS6 Avant, we’ll just have to make do with the CS sedan, and that’s no bad thing.

Front Angle ViewBMW

Rear Angle ViewBMW