If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is certainly one of the most capable luxury off-roaders on the market, and buyers starting to rediscover its charm. But that spike in sales may be short-lived, as it seems US buyers won’t be getting the new model. If we do, there are expected to be some big changes under the hood. But what will it look like? Graphic artist Nikita Chuiko, who has a knack for figuring out production designs with just spy shots to work with, has given us a pretty good idea of what the refreshed SUV will look like, and although it isn’t a radical update, we like where this is going.

Nikita Chuiko

Nikita Chuiko

At the front, there’s an expansive chrome grille framed by headlights that boast an LED character line, giving the truck an increased impression of width. The lower grille is larger and more sharply defined while LED fog lights contribute to that wide look once more. Along the profile, an accent in the lower section of the doors has been added, while the rearmost window is now more angular and features a raised trailing edge. We like this touch especially, as it makes the blocky Land Cruiser look less like a brick on wheels, bringing it more in-line with modern design trends.

2020-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Front Angle ViewCarBuzz

2020-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Rear Angle ViewCarBuzz

Unlike so many other rendering artists, Chuiko also likes to give us his impressions on what the rear of a vehicle will look like, and if his assertions are proved right once again, we’ll see a sharper D-pillar, a flatter tailgate, and angular taillights that look like they could have been borrowed from the last Volkswagen Tiguan. Showing the resemblance to previous models, the tailgate also features a full-width chrome accent. Overall, these changes make the Land Cruiser look more modern and more premium, something that all brands seem to be chasing these days. But with a legion of hardcore fans who appreciate the Land Cruiser’s bruiser-like style, the changes may seem like a step backward. Whatever the final design is like, we hope it appears on our shores too.

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