We’re not sure this is an improvement over stock.

Now that the majority of the world has gotten over – how can I put this tactfully? – that gosh darn hideous nose on the new BMW M3 and M4, we can now turn our attention to the gosh darn hideous M Performance exhaust. Ever since we first spotted it, we’ve been baffled by how anyone signed off on the design. Then again, it makes sense considering how polarizing the standard front end is. In any case, what matters for an exhaust isn’t so much how it’s finished but how it sounds, and thanks to a new video from BMW Blog, we can now compare stock to MPE.



As the above video shows, there doesn’t seem to be all that much of a difference with the MPE, but BMW’s optional exhaust system isn’t usually too brash or overt. It’s also worth remembering that a video never truly captures and conveys all the tones that a car can produce. Another factor is that these cars are being revved in neutral or park, and the tones will certainly be magnified when the cars are under load. Even so, we do feel that with how extreme all the other M Performance parts are, it should make more of an impression right off the bat.



Still, there are definite benefits to it. Constructed from titanium, the lightweight exhaust sheds some 15 pounds from the car compared to one with the regular system. It also features flap control – another factor that could be affecting the sound you here above; perhaps the flaps were not open. This would make sense since titanium usually provides a very distinctive sound. We’ll have to wait to hear one live to tell for sure if it’s worth it if all you’re interested in is the sound, but right now we can’t provide you with pricing either. Odd, since other M Performance parts have been priced already, but this isn’t a traditional exhaust or car in the first place.